Friday, March 1, 2013

Booots :)

I FINALLY got garden boots.

Well, if you're form Corpus, they're shrimper boots.  Because shrimpers wear knee-high rubber boots.

And I notice that lots of girls on the campus wear them.  Which I do not understand because rubber boots are HOT and they have to get stinky.

But that won't matter for my boots. They are intended to get stinky.  I am going to wear them in the garden as much as possible.  I think they will really help when it's time to weed-eat.  I spend 10 months of every year in shorts and weed-eating is a dangerous issue to say the least.  The boots should protect the tender bits on my lower legs.  

For now, they are really warm, and really dry, and really easy to wash various kinds of poop off of.

Which is the biggest bonus.

Well, no, the biggest bonus is that they are blue.  And really cute.

Hey - priorities!