Monday, March 4, 2013

Plans, plans, plans

Today was actually pretty decent around here. We've all been feeling a bit under the weather, so chores have been piling up (the dead dryer didn't help) and the house feels out of sorts. So I went outside to work. Ha. That's me.
I've decided to clean up the patio and backyard. Getting the garden in and then expanding it, getting the chickens into a house and the house in the right place, growing stuff . . . well, let's just say it's a mess out there. Since I spend do much of my time out there - I want my comfy, welcoming patio back!
Here's a picture of the mess.
Here's another.
You see what I mean?
Pretty bad. It doesn't help that this winter we had our old windows replaced and that means there's chips of old paint and little pieces of wood and masonry everywhere.
So I started with scrubbing off the patio and rearranging things. Here's a picture. Better already, no?
I have some plans for this space, some projects to make/do. I'll post my progress as I move through them, but for now my focus is figuring out who needs a new pot and dividing and repotting my plants.
Here's the list of the rest of what I have in mind:
1. Finish painting the furniture bright blue.
2. Repaint the posts and framing on the patio cover.
3. Replace cushions on loveseat and chairs.
4. Add lighting - maybe string lights?
5. Make planters and shelves for the plants.
6. Install rods to hold hanging plants.
7. Paint back porch and steps - maybe a funky color?
I'll think of more, but that's what I will be up to for a while!